n. On Facebook, a coded, subtle message sent to a recipient of sender's choice. Nearest literal english translation is "I have social insecurities."
"This hot chick's in a bunch of my classes, but I'm too self-conscious to say hi. I'm a loser."
--"It's cool, just send her a poke."
by gmallen April 26, 2007
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The act of calling second hit when smoking marijuana.

Comes From: From the Lithuanian PoĶəs or, "to fuck, or share, a friend's wife."
Guy 1: I'm ready to spark this bowl.

Guy 2: Pokes Bitches!

Guy 3: Fuck you, I wanted next.
by Rupert_Plumpkin September 22, 2009
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one "calls" poke when he/she wants to be second in a joint circle.
Thomas: "Roller's Rights!"
Baxter: "Poke!"
Alicia: "Double Poke!"
Brett: "Tag!"
Gaston: awwwww.
by Alicia McRae December 04, 2007
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To Approach. To talk to. It derives from the act of simply extended your index finger as if you were saying "GO" or "Go Forth".
1. If tommy doesnt come speak to me first, i guess I'll have to poke at him.

2. Pete make sure you poke your father because he's been looking for you.
by Urban-word king October 28, 2009
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A bag (as in something to hold groceries), usually small.

A sack, a baggie, a brown bag, paper or plastic?
I gotta poke full o' weed, yo!
by ButtFuzz May 24, 2004
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The act of sensual fornication. Only to be used by people who have attained a high level of awesomeness.
Dude! I poked her and her friend last night!
I'll be there in a little bit, i'm poking right now.
No, we can't date. We can still be poke-pals though!
by JJMagoo1331 December 23, 2010
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Glasgow slang for when you stick your fingers in a girls vagina. This usually gives them pleasure unless they have dun it millions of times before.
Hey Phil! Stop poking her and get your ass over here.
I poked that girl last night. I think she really enjoyed it!
I poked here so hard my whole hand nearly went in there. She was really wide.
by Pip n Chrisy ROCK! December 06, 2005
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