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more preferably known as Jack or Basil/Bazza. Get the hint? Call me noddy and there will be extreme pain heading your way. From basil.
eg. How r ya doin 2day noddy?
*basil punches first speaker in face*
by Basil June 5, 2004
The one day of the year where nobody, no matter how hard they try, can possibly be funny.
Hey man, you want some peanuts? (Snake flies out of can) April fools!
by Basil April 1, 2005
1. A greeting. Called out in a high pitched voice similar to that used in Worms games.

2. A warcry. Shouted in the same high pitched tones. Not scary at all to the enemy, but often used as an understatement to lull them into a false sense of security (called out gently before launching a huge missile, for example.) This use also originates from the Worms default voice.
1. Hello. Fadorkin!
2. Fadorkin! (BOOM)

One note - do not try to replicate this word, because you will invariably make a fool of yourself. I am the only one with power over this expression. Some may come close, but none can use this word correctly. There is a third use, but I am not telling it to you, arsehole.
by Basil July 25, 2004
A particularly bad smelling fart, which takes on the odour of rotten eggs. erived from the slang of the year 2000 yr 6s of Ingeton Middle.
My god, what an eggy rip!
by Basil June 6, 2004
It is a word for cocaine. Also, poweder, snow, Cokey Cokerson TM.
Where can I find some Yea-O?
by Basil August 23, 2004
When someone needs to makea stinky or has, unfortunately...
OMG he's shat himself... I need to take a shat...
by Basil August 23, 2004
To have sex with. To make love to. To bang bang.
I poked her doggie style...He poked me all night long...Jim Poked that hot girl
by Basil August 23, 2004