um yes. this is the one and only woman who graces the label of many a syrup bottle. she is almost always shown with a bowl full of a batter she seems to be mixing. she has become a sort of cult figure, with many references made to her in movies and television series.
wow. these waffles are dry. we need some aunt jemima up in here.
by nth January 25, 2006
An ounce of Whiskey (jim beam) and an ounce of Aunt Jemima pancake syrup. Nicely fills a tall 2oz shot glass. Stir well. Do shot. Do not chase.
Bill Diesel and Foley just did Aunt Jemimas!
by Bill Diesel, Foley, Nick April 9, 2005
when you dip your nut sack into aunt jemima syrup, then you proceed to drag your sticky balls across a girl's face.
I gave her an aunt jemima last night after the party and she loved it. My balls are still sticky.
by captain crapy pants September 3, 2011
a.k.a syrup;a concoction of cough syrup, soda, and a jolly rancher. the drink of that dirrty south
" I used to be a shoe shiner now I sip Aunt Jemima " - SPM
by miss_sixty August 10, 2005
a black woman who "kisses up" to whites; a "sellout"; the female counterpart to Uncle Tom.
Keisha: 'Quanda! Ever since you got that job you've been lettin those white people walk all over you!
LaQuanda: Whateva girlfriend, a girl gotta get paid, right?
Keisha: Aunt Jemima please, you aint foolin nobody. You's black!
by PCone November 15, 2009