"There" with a southern accent.
Hey Bubba, can you move that tractor over thur.
by Ms. Bouvier October 19, 2003
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The correct definition of "they're" or "they are" as spoken in an Aberdonian regional dialect, Julie will dis-agree but Fred will confirm as required.
dinnae want yer kids, even if thur free!
by Grumpydad November 18, 2011
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could mean "there" but also "tour" as in walkin around ..turnin around..etc
"i like it when u do that right thur" could mean that while dancin..turning around.. or turnin the arse around.
by sheni March 6, 2004
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a thur thur is a retarded ass mutha fucka. Hence the sound they make thur thur
Did u see all those thur thurs on the small bus?
by P Nwaneri August 31, 2005
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The action which takes place between a man and woman, boy or girl and on some rare occasions if you bend that way girl and girl and man and man. The action of Thur can be anywhere from a kiss to "hitting a homerun"

Thur is always a Verb

1. guy1:I got crazy Thur Last night

guy2: damn fo real?

2. *hot chick passes by

guy1: man i would so Thur her
guy2: heck yeah

3. guy1: britney said the other day that i have got mad Thur status
guy2: nice!!
by AnonOEVMC December 10, 2010
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To Thurs is to ejaculate.

Originally coined in 2004 by a very strange NYU student who looked vaguely like a cross between Pauly Shore and Steve Gutenberg, you have to know from that alone that Thurs has its own set of almost nauseating connotations.

When Thurs is pronounced, it is to be pronounced with a lisp... Thurth... That alone lets you know how good it feels.

I am going to Thurs on your face/ hair/ back/ stomach/ bed/ sofa/ dog/ kitchen table/ ass/ mom/ eyes/ dignity/ carpet/ tissue/ roommate/

I Thursed all over this sweatshirt.

I was tryng to hold it but I Thursed all over myself.

Cummon baby let my Thurs in your mouth.

Bust a thurs?

Would you like sugar and thurs in your coffee?
by CALM and company November 30, 2006
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