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to force someone to take something that you no longer want by convincing them that they need it or can use it. The object is often something that the pludder has trouble throwing away.
Paul kept pludding his old books on me.
by jameika February 26, 2006
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The most amazing word. It could be any noun, adjective, or verb you could possibly want. It makes people confused because it sounds awkward.
Hey Vicki I'd be pludded too if that whoredyn was hitting on my boo.

I'm laughing my plud off.

I wish you would plud me baby

I'm going to smack the plud out of you.
by Iamthepludder July 27, 2010
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A mellodic yell. (Many times from a musical or song.) Can also mean "shot in the shin" when used by Steve and Mildred.
Deborah Coltair pludded when Chewie left the seat up.
by D-Money November 29, 2005
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Plud or P.L.U.D is an acronym for; Peace, Love, Unity, Doofing.

A term to group activities, behaviours, music or people who believe in the above qualities.

A person who religiously adheres to the above qualities may be known as a "Pludder"
"Man, I can't wait for rainbow serpent, it would be great to plud with you again"

"Wow, look at Arj, he's become such a pludder since he finished high school"
by doof cult[ure] October 03, 2012
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