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an alocholic, who is partial to cheap drinks such as white star

faye -
jon, you are such a plonky
by lancelotrocks October 24, 2007
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a penguin you put in a mircowave in order to warm up. the penguin then retains the heat and slowly re-releases it into your body.

Plonky is simply one of many, the orginal. These come in lots of different forms (mainly as bears, although as a selection of other animals) however are a traditional gift for a man to give his lover. This guesture symbolises caring, as it is suppose to be used when said man is not around in order to keep warm at night.

Plonky is one of a kind, the orginal penguin used in this context. However since then, this has act has been repeated by those who witnessed it.

It is also complusary for said man/boy to name the teddy/hot bear before giving the gift.

Plonky is a singluar penguin associated with the tradition. However is not an actual brand of heatable soft toys. It is possible to purchase these in various online stores as well as markets and high street shops, the range and selection of animals vary depending on retail. It must also be noted that it is not possible to buy the orginal Plonky, responsiable for starting this geusture.
girl- "how long are you gone? It gets so cold at night when your away"
boy- "its ok, get Plonky, he will keep you warm until i get back"
by H - June 15, 2008
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