faye's are usually one of a kind. everything you could ever desire in a girl. they're smart, funny, hard working, loyal, athletic, competitive, artsy and naturally talented at everything. like they could pick up a sport they've never played before and score all the points first time trying. faye's are the best friend you'll ever have. they go above and beyond to make sure any of her friends are happy. they're usually the most loyal too. although they give out more love than anyone could imagine, they still get their hearts broken.. then continue to give out love and kindness to all. faye's are usually tall and skinny with long hair of any color. they're also very hard headed and persistent. they love life and appreciate the small things. i think that's what makes faye's so special
oh my fuck i wish i was faye
by goodnoodle December 19, 2016
faye is a beautiful, smart, talented, amazing, flawless freaking girl. before you meet her she may seem shy, but once you meet her you should never let her go because if you did that would be the most worst mistake you probably have EVER done in your life because she is the best to have when you’re sad, happy, angry, every single freaking mood she is the best to have in those moments. if you do let her go then you would regret it so much to the point where you couldn’t cope with yourself anymore. faye is also a really unique girl and she always puts herself down calling herself fat, ugly, etc. but it is not true and omg idek know why she would say that. every one would want a faye as a best friend, friend, sister, girlfriend, etc.
person: damn, did you see faye today, she’s stunning and i wish i could have her

person: idk why she puts herself down, she is absolutely gorgeous
the most beautiful, caring, super duper intelligent, cute, persistent girl you'll ever meet in your whole entire life. She's shy at first but once you get to know her and hang out with her. You'll never EVER want anything but her. She's simply EVERYTHING. :)
Someday when I'm really lucky, I wish I could forever be with Faye.
by KHTP November 16, 2010
mean.evil.but dork,silly,goober.meaning,she is mean for some odd reasons but still she is a sweetheart,a dork,silly and goober girl that you will always see online on some sites like myspace,vampirefreaks,stickam and playing gaia online and other networking sites and prolly talking to different people (skype,ym,msn,aim and sites that's been said)being so nice but suddenly will be mean to you and make fun of you in a sweetly manner and she is fun to talk to.
(www.stickam.com/babyfaye www.myspace.com/babyfayeee www.vampirefreaks.com/whutever_xD
www.twitter.com/abbie_aesthetic)(sites where u can find her,talk to her to know what im talking about)
oh you're being a faye lmao i mean,you're being mean xD.mean

we have a new meaning of mean,guys its faye hahaha!but hell yeah she is still a sweetheart and dork,but mean and evil for odd reasons lol
by (anonymous)damn i love faye August 16, 2009
Faye is beautiful, stunning and intelligent. She doesn't see herself as any of the above! She is quite intelligent and is always herself all the girls are her friends. Most boys love her. She is mostly curvy. She is naughty and mischievous but can trick people into thinking otherwise eg teachers! Faye is fun and smiley but never ever get on the wrong side if her or think she won't turn into a bitch on u, and never be mean to her friends! Worst if all never call her untrustworthy because she is the most trustworthy!
Dam I want that faye, I need her
by Yep I'm dave April 14, 2017
Fayes are usually quite intelligent and hard working. Fayes typically have brown hair and have some French ancestry. Faye means 'fairy' and they definitely are elegant like one. They are always the shoulder for their friends to lean on but sometimes they forget about themselves. Fayes really think about everything, sometimes too much. Fayes can get worked up very easily and they never forget anything. Everyone likes Fayes, even if they won't admit it.
Fayes are special in their own way
by Flec2404 March 25, 2019