Often used in replace of ok or aint it
Janice: That hoe dont want it !
Jhania: Please!
by Jakia James March 17, 2011
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The "magic word" everyone asks for when you ask for something.
someone: hi can i borrow this
other person: what's the magic word?
someone: abracadabra-
other person: no
someone: fIneEee.. it's please.
other person: hehe..no it's not
someone: wait wHAT-
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Created by Bec Mcewan

Used as a sarcastic remark or an alternative to say shut up or stop talking, or to express disagreement
Example 1) "Riz doesn't have a big ego, and she isn't the most annoying person on the planet". .... Oh please

Example 2) "Riz is original and only uses her own sayings/ words" "oh please"

Example 3) when someone fails to call you a princess during sushi roll "oh please"
by Mcewanb11 April 14, 2016
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Used in polite requests, often after being rejected.
Stop being such an ass and fucking be nice and shit, please?
by omg, DUH!! October 26, 2003
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