Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything.
Introduced in HIMYM
Ted: "So Barney, what do you do for a living?"
Barney: "Please..."
Ted: "Explain."
Barney: "Please, provide legal exculpation and sign everything!"
by whitewolf3131 December 23, 2016
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i Think you will find the magic word is SHUT UP TOM AH WAT
oh dear, please, for THE LOVE OF GOD, die, and stop looking like something out of tom
by my name, is BUMMERO CARROT November 28, 2003
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Used in a humourous, non-senseical way at the end of a sentance, with no relevance to what you are saying.
'Thats disgusting...please'

'As the end of johns prison sentance dawned, his frans from the depths of methuen organised a welcome home do, to be situated on 'the mound' with disgustingly stale refreshments.......please'
by gradmeister June 14, 2006
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A really annoying word that foreign people overuse at the end of every sentence and has no actual meaning.
Boss: Hey Greg, can you fax this for me?
Me: Sure.
Boss: Please
Me: Yeah, I said I will do it
Boss: Irrelevant rant about why I need to fax it
Me: okay, sure
Boss: Please
*Me walking away rolling eyes*
by jlfvgjklfjlk September 26, 2005
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the word that all annoying family members ask you to use
lola: pass the sauce

uncle:say the magic word

lola: bitch pass it..please
by talzytiller23 February 05, 2017
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