decorate your body with platinum - Slick Rick style.
"Don't make me get money and platinumize my body." - Slick Rick, Street Talkin'
by Krystle December 30, 2005
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Draining PS4 games to the last bit.
Going OCD on game collectibles and PS4 trophies.
Achieving 100% game completion.
Platinumed is all of the above simultaneously.
I platinumed GOD OF WAR by beating it 100%, earning all of the trophies including the platinum trophy and vaccuuming all of the collectibles.
by AbnormalSaint May 4, 2020
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To have earned a platinum trophy from a video game
I still need to platinumize God of War.
by Mycenia February 25, 2010
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An award a company bestows upon an employee after he has had sex with his daughter. At the current time of writing, the award is slowly gaining traction in America. Notable companies currently giving the award are Ingersoll Rand, Microsoft, and Trane.
Did you hear Christophoros got 1000 shares of Trane stock as his award for going platinum?

I didn't know he was a singer!?
Not that kind of platinum! He fucked his daughter Sarra!
by SheevPalpatine27 March 27, 2023
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A word that KSI use when he gives someone a PLATINUM award.
KSI: This video is good let me give you some PLATINUM MY G!
by MrPunjab September 8, 2021
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When a joke is so funny that, when used years from now, it is still hilarious.
The system typically consists of:

Bronze-Your joke Stinks

Silver-Pretty good joke, but only receives a mere chuckle

Gold-Great joke, but will not be remembered for very long

Platinum-The joke lives on forever
Jamie: Hey Randy, that joke I told about you was PLATINUM!
Josh:Yup, even though most of your jokes are bronze.
Randy: porqué?!
by J-Badizzle June 29, 2005
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a bitch ass name posers use to describe themselves when they have lame ass game and are gay
"Yeah, man my name is Platinum...I'm the biggest simp I know. I beat off every weekend like my dick owes me money."
by Dubs November 19, 2004
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