A youtuber that uses the phrases:
Person 1-do u know KSI

Person 2-yes the weird guy that can't grow a beard properly
by SamTheMan368 January 30, 2020
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The only Nigerian YouTuber with two dimond play buttons does Reddit videos has multiple personalities and uses the terms: fuck sake, ting, raaa, guys I’m 6 ft what do you mean, allow it fam, fucking cunts.
What is that fatneek of a mans YouTube name? Oh yea it’s KSI
by KSI_is_dad October 8, 2020
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WOW! That KSI over there has one big forehead, bigger than Mount Everest
by FIFA 20> Madden NFL 2005 June 25, 2020
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KSI is the youtuber that did the world a favor and beat Logan Paul silly.
KSI wears a bandana 24/7 in his videos
by **TINGTING** August 27, 2018
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He is a very famous Youtuber,Rapper,YouTube boxing champion,Comedy Artist,etc.
Full form is Knowledge Strength and Integrity.He has over 20 million subscribers in youtube.
Hey did u see the new Vid of Ksi it is damn good
by Wizz 25 March 1, 2019
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