A combo-word that slurs out of one's mouth when one is extremely crunk. They want to say that they are plastered and blasted at the same time but say both at the same time.

This is usually followed by "I luvvvvvv youuuuu..."
OMG, I only had 5 long island ice teas and I got totally plasted !
by QuesoNowWhatJen August 29, 2008
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The best Ukrainian scouts. You are lucky if you are part of plast and you probably have some rad friends.
Ruslan: How many people have you met because you are in Plast?
Adrian: More than I can count.
Ruslan: I got taught how do everything there, Even The Plastun
by Kob16 December 14, 2018
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When you're high & drink as fuck, then go to fuck your bf/gf. Then wake up in the morning and you fucked your goat.
hey dude, I was so fucked last night I fucked my host thinking it was my misses. I was plasting
by mrHecticMotherfuker October 05, 2020
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Gay program, that non Ukrainians go to. No one knows anyone who goes to plast.
yuri sorry I can't sleep over, I have to go to plast.
Tf is plast Zennon. That shits gayyy.
by OG Ukrainian April 01, 2020
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Plast is a cool, male God that everyone should love.
Plast is handsome and is always close when you need him.
by The prayer May 16, 2006
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