A sexual act involving your cock, if you’re a dude, or a strap on, if you’re a chick, and a vibrator. You stick the vibrator up your girl's ass and fuck her doggystyle. As your dick (or strap on) goes in-and-out of her snatch, you use your stomach to move the vibrator out-and-into her anus at the same time. The variable motion of your cock (or strap on) and the vibrator going in-and-out of both holes resembles a couple of pistons. Hot to watch, fun to perform and, if done right, you’ll both end up screaming.
Jane cummed five times when Dick gave her The Screaming Pistons.

Those two lesbians are doing The Screaming Pistons.

The Screaming Pistons is like double penetration without the third person.
by SickMonkey669 January 02, 2011
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