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Founded in 1987, they own mines all over the planet. Minerals are mined up and sold to companies all over the planet. Found in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Shy Guy Metals is hiring.
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In the Mushroom Kingdom, they are the number 1 cargo airline. You wouldn't have any good shipped without them. They drive them to you after landing.

- similar to UPS
Propeller Toad Transportation is amazing.
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Founded by Diasy & Peach, Royal Patisserie makes baked goods to be sold worldwide in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mmmmmm! The Royal Patisserie is the best.
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Galaxy Air is the best airport you can find in the Mushroom Kingdom. One of their airports even has a Mario Kart track there!
Galaxy Airlines is the plane I trust.
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A very popular soda company in the Mushroom Kingdom. It used to be only sold at Mario Kart races to audiences, but went worldwide.
The Princess Orange Soda Company makes the best Orange Soda!
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