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A drug test where urine collection is the method for testing for drug use to juvey...I failed my piss test again
by Klepto May 20, 2003
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when you randomly have to piss in a small cup to test for pot heads and tweakers.
Beth: "wat up my nig, you wanna smoke this purple kush?! i just bought an eighth!"

Salley:" hell no! i gotta go see my p.o. today. She gonna gimmie one of them piss tests..."

Beth: "damn"
by pixi3srh630 January 07, 2009
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something that occurs a lot to people at my school...the way to pass it is to drink obscene amounts of water to the point of explosion.
ugh.....16 more bottles of water then im clean!
by yo mamma May 21, 2003
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Typically, these are mandatory tests administered at the behest of law enforcement, a court, an employer, or a medical clinic. The objective of the test, which is conducted by means of urine analysis, is different depending upon who orders it. Tests administered by law enforcement, the court, or an employer are conducted to determine if narcotic or illegal drugs are present in one’s urine. If it is present it will likely result in being charged with a crime or, the revocation of probation or, being fired. The purpose of a medical clinic mandated urine test is to make sure that a particular prescribed drug is present in one’s urine and, if it is not, or if non-prescribed drugs are present, the patient is issued no more narcotic prescriptions and is usually dropped as a patient of that facility. The underlying purpose of this test is to make sure that the patient is not selling his or her medication. If s/he has no presence of the prescribed drug in his or her system then it is assumed that they have unlawfully sold their medicine. Unfortunately, these tests are not one-hundred percent accurate.
I failed my piss test and the pain clinic dropped me as a patient.
by The Grottomaster May 09, 2015
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Name of an alcoholic drink that combines vodka (usually inexpensive) with Mountain Dew. Usually made out of a lack of other mixers left in the fridge.
Dude, were out of orange juice. Want to just make a couple of piss tests? I won't tell anyone.
by RememberSammyJankis September 23, 2017
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The struggle a man has urinating into the toilet while having an erection.
Bro, I woke up with morning wood and had to pee, I had to take a Piss test.
by Big Scoop July 29, 2016
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