A girl that looks like she has "been around the block" and looks weathered
"Wow...look at her...she's hot!" "I don't know dude..she looks a little mandated to me"
by DKapp October 8, 2013
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a gathering of ONLY men. Activites during mandates include cruising, playing madden, going to wendy's. When one is one a mandate, one must show the mandate symbol. This is done by crossing the middle finger and the ring finger so the hand resembles an "M".
Damn that mandate was off the hook
by Urban Dictionary January 14, 2004
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During my probation, I had to mandateer at a free medical clinic
by Asian boy lover February 7, 2014
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The earnest students listened closely for their next mandate.
by Larstait November 15, 2003
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A social party with men and/or male-related activities. Although some people propose that it be only an all-male gathering, some ManDates do include women, and the ManDate just signifies the partaking of male-oriented activites.
"Hey, let's go play some football with the dudes."
"All right, it's a ManDate!"

"Can we come?"
"No girls allowed, it's a ManDate."

"Hey, bring your girlfriend for the Superbowl party next weekend."
"Is there beer?"
"Yup, it's a ManDate, dude!"
by thericwu January 31, 2008
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ManDate: Two, and only two straight single men (with great anxiety about the absence of love and women)---acquaintances but not great friends otherwise---meeting to talk, eat, smoke and drink. Each being extremely concerned about the satisfaction and enjoyment of the other on that day and munificent in spending, with a strong hint of enacting the rituals of lovers spending time together.
Pandu and Chaman came back from their ManDate sure that they were not gay, only a little lonely.
by moul April 15, 2014
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Mandation (noun). Palinese for mandate. First used by Former Governer Sarah Palin during her criticism of President Obama’s State of The Union address on January 27, 2010.

This is also the first use of the Palin transform whereas a noun that shares the same form as the verb is converted into another noun. For example, the activity of applying a ‘mandate’ (noun) is ‘to mandate’ (verb). The Palin transform converts mandate (noun) into another noun called mandation.
“So it hasn’t been a matter of he not being able to explain his policy with government takeover and mandation of health care; but Americans understanding what’s in there, not liking it, and sending him that message via the three recent Republican sweeps in Virginia, in New Jersey, Scott Brown’ s selection too and the Tea Party Movements, the town hall events…blah, blah, blah”---Sarah Palin
by Katatetoris February 6, 2010
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