Best existing comeback to the insult "Suck my dick."
It is often used to test the other person to see if they do present it and if they don't they will be called a "pussy".
If the other does in fact present it, proceed with an insult about his penis.
Andrew: Suck my dick
Evan: Present it.
(Andrew whips it out)
Evan: HAHA! Look at Andrew's little penis!
by polos June 10, 2008
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She's presently present, so I'll present my present.

Translation: She's now here, so I'll give my gift.
by Shiny Things Are Shiny February 19, 2013
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The act of one Presenting oneself for sexual gratification in all your glory.
She presented herself to me, for which I gladly received her body.
by Glitter of Gary September 6, 2017
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The exact moment all of your blood cells decide to go directly to your dick
Me: I will begin my Presentation by starts off with Alabama being-

Girl: why dose Carl having a boner?
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Showing your crotch or dick bulge in an obvious or semi obvious manner
Omg that guy is certainly presenting,
His 8 inches is presenting itself.
by Bvdguy November 2, 2017
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the singular moment when you are most susceptible to a heart attack.
teacher: "we are having a presentation tomorrow"
student: "dies of a heart attack"
by TrueDefinitionsNOLIE May 19, 2021
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When you have to take a crap really bad and you feel the poop coming out.
We need to get home so I can take a shit. I think I'm presenting.
by djxpress March 20, 2009
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