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Variation of piss, most usually used in the north (particularly Scotland).
stop talking pish
ach, pish!
what a bundle of pish.
by steroozi August 30, 2003
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Literly means piss urine pee etc.It is not a slang word as so many people assume but an ancient scots word, Scots being the Language of the Lowlanders of Scotland FACT!! Can also be used as a put down.
Am awa' fur a pish.
Dinna' talk Pish
by ayeyermaw February 24, 2006
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a reaction of frustration meaning to strongly disagree, or to express disagreement on what somebody may have to say.
Oh pish, I do not believe that you came home at ten o'clock last night!
by Michael Ingram April 30, 2008
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A term used for someone or something who is very suspicious or gay may be used after someone does something relatable or seen to be sus
Christina and John are very pish
by KoolKidsKlubGangGang March 05, 2019
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