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Variation of piss, most usually used in the north (particularly Scotland).
stop talking pish
ach, pish!
what a bundle of pish.
by steroozi August 30, 2003
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Literly means piss urine pee etc.It is not a slang word as so many people assume but an ancient scots word, Scots being the Language of the Lowlanders of Scotland FACT!! Can also be used as a put down.
Am awa' fur a pish.
Dinna' talk Pish
by ayeyermaw February 24, 2006
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a reaction of frustration meaning to strongly disagree, or to express disagreement on what somebody may have to say.
Oh pish, I do not believe that you came home at ten o'clock last night!
by Michael Ingram April 30, 2008
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Concurrent with popular opinion, it is in fact possible to die as a direct result of management assignments. The first known case was a result of a management course at Perth Collage (sic).

The condition, known as Perth (Collage) Induced Self Harm (or PISH) is common among those taking management courses. Symptoms can include burnt foreheads (from falling asleep against computer monitors), painful index finger (from repeatedly flicking through difficult to use online texts on deciphering management speak) and in some cases a small depression in the candidate's desk (from repeated head-banging).

If not treated quickly through Nocturnal Infusions Gained from Highly Tasty Solutions, Obtained Under Tempo (NIGHTS OUT), the condition can quickly progress, leading to total psychological breakdown, self-severance of limbs through chewing and eventually death from choking on a managment course folder.

However prevention is better than cure, and so it remains best to stay objective while undertaking management work, and let the mind-numbing jargon wash over you. If you do this, you may even get as far as the second question before breaking down.
Oh dear - I feel a case of PISH coming on...
by Jocasta Devillneuve February 28, 2008
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