I just spluged all over my hand, my girlfriend will come lick it off!
by Big COCK December 13, 2003
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"Eww! You got spluge on on ass!"
"Deal with it bitch!"
by Bxdockte April 12, 2009
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To push for your ejaculat through your penis. Or to shoot a load.
Yo man you just spluged all over that girls jumblies.
by Dj Godfather April 11, 2003
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When someone cums all over and it’s all moist and nasty.
Oh shit, I think Robert just spluged himself
by Dick faggot March 7, 2018
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the maximum level of ejaculation coming out of your peen hole. your peen usually explodes after this happens and cannot be replaced unless an experienced penile surgeon is close by.
Son: Dad, I think I just spluged.
Dad: I was worried this would happen
by The Man Wilhelm All Sacks. December 5, 2019
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The white shit that comes out of ones dick during an erection. (usually into anothers mouth)
After that bitch sucked me off, she got spluge on my shirt cuz she didn't swollow.
by Coby February 20, 2003
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verb: A liquid that escapes it's container. It could be a large roll of fat that spills over tight jeans. It could be icing that escapes the funnel you're squeezing to decorate a cake. It moves on it's own momentum after enough force has been applied.
Her nursing breasts spluged out of her bra when she bent over to pick up her crying baby.
by fuk-ola November 28, 2018
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