heavily tatooed vato just released from prison
That pinto was just released from Pelican Bay.
by Ruca13 December 7, 2007
1. An ugly, moronically designed Ford product introduced in the '70s which was prone to explosions (and killed a few people) thanks to the gas tank being positioned directly behind the back bumper.

2. A Brazillian term for "small cock".
1. "Tony's Pinto got rear-ended dude - it was engulfed in flames within two minutes"

2. "I heard Rivaldo had a pinto, so I fucked his wife over and over again until she looked like she was seeing God"
by Lazarus Ciccone April 18, 2004
A car that apparently has a flint bumper and a leaky gas tank when rearended the car cumbusts into flames.
i rearended this douchebag with a pinto and now im being charged with murder.
by elliot young April 3, 2006
The state or being of extreme wealth. See rich.
What happened to johnny? Oh you didnt know, he won the lotto and now he's pinto like trump.
by Dan_P March 16, 2006
slang in portugeuse for small penis
alex has a pinto
by donald brown November 5, 2003
means small cock and comes from the brazilian for it
don't get with him he's got a right pinto
by smidgy September 16, 2008
I know a kid who has a pinto. He calls it Black Magic.
by drunkoffyourass December 12, 2009