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In the office I work at there's a black guy who walks around seemingly doing nothing except carrying papers and mackin' on white girls. I asked my friend what he did and he didn't know so we determined his job was Chief Executive Officer of fucking white women.
Yo Knuckler, check it out the CEO is conductin' bizaness.
by Lazarus Ciccone December 10, 2004
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A semi-useful social networking site that's a decent way of reaching certain people and tracking down acquaintances you don't talk to very often. Also valuable if you enjoy reading people's status updates, such as important breaking news like "Arthur is at home" and "Serena can't wait for the weekend."
Jimmy is having marginal success with using Facebook to fuck chicks

I'm still getting friend requests from high school acquaintances on Facebook. That site is so 2007.
by Lazarus Ciccone July 24, 2008
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The Vice President (in name alone) of the United States and Georgy's puppeteer. Helped fabricate intelligence so innocent American troops could go and die for the Halliburton Corporation. Has no problem doing this despite arranging five deferments for himself during the Vietnam War. Also has the full support of the racist radical right despite having a lesbo daughter.
"When are these chronic heart attacks going to finally kill Dick Cheney? Maybe he can get five deferments from hell."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 11, 2004
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American television network. The face of evil in modern media. Introduced the world to trash TV two decades ago with such pointless crap as "The Morton Downey Jr. Show" and have continued the trend with such recent entries as "Who's Your Daddy?" and "The Swan."

Despite this, news division and all-news cable channel are so rabidly pro right-wing you almost expect nazi propaganda films to play after midnight. Often decries "immoral" activities and supports war on the grounds of "fighting the forces of evil."
"Fox sucks. The only thing I watch on it is football."

"Maybe Rupert Murdoch is the anti-Christ"
by Lazarus Ciccone January 10, 2005
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Inter-racial relationship, which in North America usually involves a black male and white female.
"JaVon's got jungle fever, yo! Boy told me he was at some white girls house backshottin' her on her parents bed - then he wipe his dick on her Pops' Armani suit"
by Lazarus Ciccone April 18, 2004
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Political mastermind and advisor to President George W. Bush. Acts as Bush's brain, in part because Bush's is microscopic. Can also be likened to "scum of the earth" and "lowest form of humanity". Generally speaking, feces have more ethics and character.
"Karl Rove is a parasite. Anyone who leaks the name of a covert CIA agent as retribution for exposing his own lie is guilty of treason. Therefore, any American who believes this piece of crap actually cares about his country is far too stupid to be alive."
by Lazarus Ciccone September 30, 2005
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When a male turns to a professional sex worker in order to get some action.
When I'm in Vegas, if I can't pick up I'm going pro.
by Lazarus Ciccone December 05, 2010
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