An exceptionally vigorous butt-pounding between men in the dorsal-ventral position, generally noteworthy for its combination of depth, force and velocity, such that the poundee is transported to an otherworldly, orally-fixated state of extreme "hurt-so-good" pleasure as to unconsciously bite down on a pillow, duvet, forearm, Jack Russel terrier, or anything else that happens to come with close proximity of his mouth.
Josie: Did you see Tom last night?

Johnny: Until the lights went out, then I saw stars.

Josie: Total pillow-biter, huh?

Johnny: Been spitting out feathers all day.

Josie: The Tomster sure likes to pound ass.

Johnny: One of his many charms.

Josie: Many?

Johnny: Hey now...
by JohnnyAZ May 9, 2006
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A gay man, generally who prefers the "recieving" end in anal sex. A "bottom."
I hear that Phillip is a pillow-biter
by Pink January 31, 2004
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Someone who enjoys doggy-style being so hard they have to bite the pillow to muffle their screams/moans.
Example 1

Joe: So, what was she like last night?
Bob: She's a total pillow-biter, dude!

Example 2 (insult)
You pillow-biter!!
by anyapiratepixy May 6, 2010
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Someone who is receiving such a ridiculous anal pounding from a man's penis, a female with a foreign object such as a pole, or in many cases close relatives with shampoo bottles, that they choose to bite down on their pillow for some relief from the pain.
Pillow biting is looked down on in the gay community.
by AntiClockwise April 25, 2003
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1: usually in reference to a male who while being anally punished, takes to biting down on the pillow in an attempt to muffle the cries of horrific gay pleasure.
2:Can also be used for certain obliging ladies who enjoy the brown being potted after the pink.
by Richie Essex November 21, 2003
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A slang and highly derogatory term for a homosexual male. It was likely inspired by the notion that a male engaged in anal sex would be face-down into a pillow, biting into it.
"I think it's about time that those pillow biters be allowed to get married. They have rights, too."
by Oyx July 12, 2008
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Its when a girl/guy is bent over on a bed while being ass fucked and they bite a pillow that they are holding onto to try not to scream.
Man his dick was so big i was such a fuckin pillow biter.
by Alexis!!! lmao! December 14, 2002
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