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She’s the kind of girl who will make you smile every time you see her. Looking at her you see the stars in her eyes. Dispite her small size, you know she has the biggest heart. She may be obsessed with some things, but it’s always in her own cute way. A lot of random crap will come out of her, and that’s one of the best parts about her. She may attack hug you from time to time, but you know it’s because she likes you. She’s also one of the most comical people you’ll ever know. Every day is a surprise with her. Also, Pinterest, Netflix, and music may be three of the biggest factors in her life. Above all, it’s hard not to love all her tiny little quirks and things about her
“Josie is insane!”
“She may be, but she’s mine
by ThePhantomMusic September 18, 2018
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josie is the most amazing girl you will meet. she will be their when ever you need her if you met a josie never let her go she is the most awesomest girl in the world. Josie is the girl that all the guys will fall for and she respects them with all her heart.
you need a josie to be your friend.
by By: MD pandas December 08, 2017
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Bright, fun loving, crazy, and absolutely hilarious are just some of the things that describe Josie. She's fun to be around and is the light of the party. She brings out the best in everyone in ever situation.

Josie doesn't really like to admit she's wrong, but that's just a minor personality aspect that is left behind and forgotten.

Josie is like a magnet- she attracts people to her with just a flash of her smile or her kind laugh. She's beautiful on the inside, though she doesn't know it.
Josie's BFF: I wish he would notice me, just like everyone notices you, Josie!
Josie: Wait a second. I can handle this.
Guy 1: Hey Josie!
Josie: Hi! Hey, do you see that girl over there? My BFF
Guy 1: Yeah...
Josie: Don't you think she's pretty?
Guy 1: Well yeah, actually she's more than pretty, I um...
Josie: Go talk to her
LATER: Josie: There you go!
Josie's BFF: You're such a Josie. Thanks.
by SashaDaDragon May 25, 2017
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a badass girl who loves talking and having fun. sometimes she can get sad and when she does, watch her. mostly have blue or green eyes. when she's mad she is MAD. loves cuddling and play fighting, and can never make up her mind for shit.
by chickentickler December 24, 2013
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Will love you forever if you bring her food and/or play with her hair
Message From Josie:

by ZammmTruth May 21, 2016
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The funniest, cutest, smartest girl I know. She is the best girlfriend I've ever had. When I am feeling sad or depressed I just think of her face. Josie if very smart and athletic and you can rely on her to be an awesome friend. She has some awesome jokes and her laugh is beautiful. All you need to do to feel like the luckiest person in the world is to look straight into her beautiful eyes. She has the most beautiful smile and the most beautiful personality in the world. I'm just so lucky to have her in my life.

If you ever meet Josie you will be so happy.
beautiful awesome cute athletic josie
by Avery0103 minecraft master January 17, 2013
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