Bright, fun loving, crazy, and absolutely hilarious are just some of the things that describe Josie. She's fun to be around and is the light of the party. She brings out the best in everyone in ever situation.

Josie doesn't really like to admit she's wrong, but that's just a minor personality aspect that is left behind and forgotten.

Josie is like a magnet- she attracts people to her with just a flash of her smile or her kind laugh. She's beautiful on the inside, though she doesn't know it.
Josie's BFF: I wish he would notice me, just like everyone notices you, Josie!
Josie: Wait a second. I can handle this.
Guy 1: Hey Josie!
Josie: Hi! Hey, do you see that girl over there? My BFF
Guy 1: Yeah...
Josie: Don't you think she's pretty?
Guy 1: Well yeah, actually she's more than pretty, I um...
Josie: Go talk to her
LATER: Josie: There you go!
Josie's BFF: You're such a Josie. Thanks.
by SashaDaDragon May 25, 2017
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Will love you forever if you bring her food and/or play with her hair
Message From Josie:

by ZammmTruth May 21, 2016
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a badass girl who loves talking and having fun. sometimes she can get sad and when she does, watch her. mostly have blue or green eyes. when she's mad she is MAD. loves cuddling and play fighting, and can never make up her mind for shit.
by chickentickler December 24, 2013
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The funniest, cutest, smartest girl I know. She is the best girlfriend I've ever had. When I am feeling sad or depressed I just think of her face. Josie if very smart and athletic and you can rely on her to be an awesome friend. She has some awesome jokes and her laugh is beautiful. All you need to do to feel like the luckiest person in the world is to look straight into her beautiful eyes. She has the most beautiful smile and the most beautiful personality in the world. I'm just so lucky to have her in my life.

If you ever meet Josie you will be so happy.
beautiful awesome cute athletic josie
by Avery0103 minecraft master January 17, 2013
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Josie. she's a girl you dream about every night. the most amazingly perfect girl. if you look into her eyes you will see that she is an angel and that you could never compare any girl to her. she's STUNNING and every guy wishes that they could have her. she's sweet, funny, but sometimes, she doesn't realize that her perfect guy could be right in front of her the while time and all she had to do is give him one chance, to show how much he loves her.
"Damn. she could be the one. I think she's a Josie."
by The Wishful Thinker January 7, 2014
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The awesomest girl a person could ever know. She's funny, fun to be around, cute, smart and she isn't like a stereotypical girl with make up and purses and that kinda junk. But the best thing about her is u can rely on her to be ur friend. U would be the luckiest person on earth to know her. She is also very athletic and probably the best girl I've ever met.
by Awesome man of Canada January 17, 2013
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A loving talkative and humorous girl. Loves her family and friends but never forgets the things that they do.when she gets mad she means it. She is a loving beautiful girl that is vary emotional at times
Thatโ€™s a Josie
by Horse lovers January 7, 2018
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