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A male who dresses stylishly in typical young European style (e.g. too-tight shirt, complicated shoes, rarely wears jeans or sneakers). May be an actual European, but usually an American poseur. See metrosexual
Before "Queer Eye" we called metrosexuals eurofags
by whatever February 2, 2005
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The most ghetto name you can possibly name your child. PLEASE DON'T EVER NAME YOUR CHILD SHAQUISHANAENAE!!!!
Girl: You know Shaquishanaenae?
Girl 2: Yea, shes in my phones contacts as "S". Don't know how to spell her name though.
by whatever May 4, 2015
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Many issues, too numerous to count. In other words, not worth dealing with.
That bitch doesn't have issues, she's got subscriptions.
by whatever June 4, 2004
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Girls that are really hot but sadly are total bitches and no one really likes them that much. People do pretend to like them to get closer to them (or in their pants). the preppy chicks only real friend is another preppy chick or wannabe. Preppy chicks mainly listen to very mainstream pop, horrible rock, or hip hop music. really into designer clothes.
like OMG im totally going to the mall today to buy some like new clothes
by whatever April 6, 2005
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An automatic death sentence if you are in prison. >:^
At least the homicidal convicts help us get rid of pedophiles by killing them off.
by whatever August 25, 2003
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Product Activation is supposed to prevent piracy and freinds from copying or borrowing software, but it's an annoying and completly worthless feature of Windows XP, TurboTax, Norton Anti-Virus and many other programs and games that forces users to call the company and register to be able to run it after you install it.

If you change hardware (such as a video card or hard drive) on a Windows XP computer many times, XP will force you to call Microsoft to register the OS again. It also unfairly forces users to buy 2 or more copies for each computer you own. The best thing is complain to the company and tell them you will not buy thier products anymore. Dont support companies that force product activation.
I couldnt run TurboTax this weekend because I had to call an 1-800 number for Product Activation - and the office was closed until monday morning!
by whatever April 15, 2005
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A word used online by nerds and fags
Bob: "Look at me im a nerd and i use the word pwned like a fag loser fag fag"
by whatever April 5, 2005
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