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A once powerful mass merchandiser that was brought to its knees by Wal-Mart and Target - now is in bankrupcy. Used to be a fairly good store in the 70's and 80's but the corporation never updated stores or merchandise. Prices were high, employees were always jerks and the quality of K-Mart clothing was and still is horrible.
"K-Mart Sucks, Ray"
by Whatever April 08, 2003

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1: An oral contraceptive in pill form, designed to be taken every 24 hours. Designed as a contraceptive only, with no STD-preventative properties. Suppresses hormones in such a way as to render the woman taking them temporarily infertile. Ortho Tricyclen and Ortho Cyclen are among the different kinds available.
2: Proof that there is a Deity, and that It loves us all.
Thanks be for the Pill... the salvation of humanity!
by whatever May 07, 2003

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An automatic death sentence if you are in prison. >:^]
At least the homicidal convicts help us get rid of pedophiles by killing them off.
by whatever August 25, 2003

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A lake in Finland where 3 kids got killed in 1960. An unknown murderer stabbed them while they were in their tent! The band Children of Bodom got their name and inspiration for many of their songs from the murders.
CoB are among the greatest bands ever, check them out!
by Whatever August 11, 2004

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Formerly the most popular way of copying audio. Was considered a hazard by the record industry in the 1980's who had a big advertising campaign that said "Home Taping Is Killing Music" Nobody listened and continued buying blank tape. Now replaced by the easier to use CD-R.
by Whatever April 08, 2003

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1. A statement void of all logic and reason with no intention to change whatsoever. To create a Moyerism, one must fail to see reason or rationale of any kind and/or additionally rail against fact as truth.

2. A truth held self-evident, but is either circular in logic, or absolutely unreasonable.

3. A positively false statement, made with a stubborn refusal to change without explanation. Alternatively, a messiah complex of some sort.
1. These people judge based on their Moyerisms, and refuse to see reason no matter how blatent.

2.(as a reply to a statement) That is a Moyerism.
by whatever February 06, 2005

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