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er..no, AYB, we ARE in one right now, except that our pollution has only delayed its effects.
by whatever August 26, 2003
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A male who dresses stylishly in typical young European style (e.g. too-tight shirt, complicated shoes, rarely wears jeans or sneakers). May be an actual European, but usually an American poseur. See metrosexual
Before "Queer Eye" we called metrosexuals eurofags
by whatever February 3, 2005
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The most popular means of copying music, games, graphics, programs and digital information in the modern computer age. Now more popular than cassettes.
At Best Buy they are selling Memorex CD-R's for $4.99 after a $10 rebate!
by whatever April 8, 2003
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Tiwanese makers of the greatest CD-RW drives in the world. Highly reccomended by computer gamers, hackers and CD-R traders for their high quality, speed and super fast burning on all kinds of CD-R media. Usually sells for less than other Plextor, TDK, HP and Sony burners.
This Lite-On 52X burned a whole 70 minute CD-R in two minutes, thirty-five seconds!
by whatever April 8, 2003
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A term often used by overweight males. It means: "I wish I had someone (and/or something) to scratch my ass (and/or balls) right now"
Husband Bill: "Ugh..."

Wife Marry: "Ok dear Ill be right there"
by whatever April 6, 2005
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