to be so completely inebriated so as to lose all cognitive function
This guy was so wankered in the pub, that he pissed himself
by da22er April 21, 2009
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The act of drinking so much your completely InSaNe. You could run round town naked and not even remember it when you eventually regain conciousness the next day. A good night out.
"Hahahaah look at critter hes wankered!"
by Mooresy March 3, 2005
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To be drunk beyond the point of even drunken rationality, one actually believes that inducing more alcohol will make them feel better
I got totally wankered last night and threw up over my brown brogues
by Crispin Whattley August 13, 2005
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UK/Aus/NZ slang for:

1. Someone excessively and annoyingly pretentious and/or false, with a strong likelihood of working in the creative industries, especially "new media". Very high populations of wankers are to be found in certain areas of London including Shoreditch and Hoxton; see also Shoreditch twat.

2. Someone with a faintly sociopathic lack of regard for other people; see also arsehole.

3. Someone useless, inefficient or time-wasting, especially in a place or work and/or position of responsibility.

4. A general term of abuse.

5. Someone who masturbates.
1. He spent twenty minutes telling me about the studio's new pathways they're developing in innovative synergistic blue-sky-media treatment concepts. In a fake Cockney-geezer accent. What a fucking wanker.

2. That cunt in the sports car just totally cut me up. What a fucking wanker.

3. He's being paid £25/hour and he just sits there playing Freecell whilst the rest of us do all his work for him, because he's the boss's mate. What a fucking wanker.

4. You're a fucking wanker.

5. You're a fucking wanker.
by snootful October 7, 2012
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(i) A marketing slogan which, rather than being created with skill or wit, simply implies that the product will will change your life for the better, - even if its just a packet of sweets
(ii) A marketing slogan which is just *too* cheesy
The following wankerisms were found using a google search on "marketing slogans".

Clothes to make you happy! (Nomads)
Creating more moments of pleasure. (Cadbury Trebor Bassett)
For a wonderful life. (Harvey Nichols)
Happiness is playing Bingo. (Super Bingo)
Happy starts inside. (Minute Maid)
Heaven can't wait. (Nestle Heaven)
Heaven needn't cost the earth. (Sandals)
Heavenly chocolate with a heart. (Divine)
Magic shoes for happy feet. (Starchild)
Make your body happy. (Aquafina Alive)
Make your break, a Delight. (Mars Delight)
One pound. One pan. One happy family. (Betty Crocker)
Pleasure. Every single Pringles Mini. (Pringles, Mini Pringles)
Pleasure. Perfected. (Braun Tassimo)
by xPaul G April 23, 2007
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