Irish slang.
1. Used to describe something that is ruined or broken.
2. To be in a troublesome situations.
Rel. banjaxed, screwed, fucked up
1. I dropped my iPod down the stairwell. It's bolloxed.
2. When I saw the blue lights come on in the rearview mirror, I knew I was completely bolloxed
by Mike Eldred January 24, 2008
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extremely tired. suffering from fatigue. badly hungover
"what's wrong man your so quiet?"

"awh nothin' man i'm just bolloxed"
by joe balls March 11, 2008
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In Italy we use two rude slang words, 1- "scoglionato" that derives from coglioni (same meaning of bollox, testicles) and 2 - "scazzato" (from cazzo, penis)to define the feeling of being either "annoyed to death" or "extremely unsatisfied" because of a certain situation or circumstance.

I guess it might be used in the same way
1 - I felt so bolloxed during the party that I preferred to get back home.

2 - "Hey Joe what's up? You look bolloxed" "I am Frank, things are going in the opposite way I had planned'em"
by The Italian Bad Ass November 24, 2006
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Irish/UK/possibly also Australian slang term meaning:
3)slightly affectionate term of abuse

alternate spellings:Bollix, Bollocks
1) Aaargh right in the bollox!
2) What a load of bollox...
3) AAgh you made me spill my drink, ye little bollox!
by el-presidente May 05, 2005
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An alternative spelling of bollocks, meaning testicles and often also used as an expression of dislike, disbelief and/or ridicule.

Other alternates are: bºllºx and b*ll*x which can be typed on internet forums where language is restricted for pussies and christians. Advantages here include the kinda graphic representation in the middle of the word.

Actually, The Album Never Mind the Bollocks, here's the Sex Pistols was the at the centre of a UK court case which ruled that the word was not obscene.

Not to be confused with "The Bollox" or "The Dog's Bollox" both of which signify approval.
Person: "Bollox, bollox, bollox!"
Pig: "I'm arresting you for using threatening and/or abusive words or behaviour, contarary to the public order act."
Person: "Bollox! It's been proved in court not to be obscene."
Pig: "I don't care. It is, in my estimation, 'likely to cause offence' and that's all I need. You're nicked."
Person: "Oh, Bollox."

Person: "Mate, my brief got me off that public order charge, she's the bollox!"
Mate: "The dog's!"
by edjog November 05, 2005
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A variation of the word Bollocks. Sometimes this word can be pronouced BO-lox and is often used in texts, msn or to exhaggerate the word bollocks. It can be used in the same way as "yeah right" or as "crap!".
"I kissed five girls last night!"

"Bollox! I haven't got enough money to get home!"
by Corinne Simpson October 15, 2006
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