Person from Wigan.
Nothing to do with the large number of pies eaten in Wigan but to do with a miner's strike in the 1920's when all the pits in WIgan and Leigh went on strike. The Wiganers went back and broke the strike, the "Leythers" continued to strike and got better pay and conditions. Therefore the Wiganer's had to "eat humble pie"... so it's a term of abuse from Leythers to Wiganers. The hostility between the two towns stretches back hundreds of years to the civil war when Wigan was Royalists and Leigh were Parliamentarian and continues to this day.
"The 'pie-eaters' aren't as good a Super League these days"

"This will be the 'pie-eaters' last year in the Premiership"
by Exiled Leyther April 15, 2007
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A person from Wigan, supporter of Wigan Warriors Rugby league team, or (pl.) the team itself. Possibly from Australian slang, where it means a lower-class person, but Wigan is noted for its fine pies as well as its rugby league players, some of whom are Australian.
'I've got a ticket for the Challenge Cup final, but I'll have to sit with the pie-eaters'

'We're away to the pie-eaters next Sunday'
by Joan Beal March 14, 2005
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Native of Wigan, likely never to have travelled outside of the North west of England. Generally bogoted, arrogant, short-sighted and flatulent....

Will drink any pint however flat/stale....
"Na then, ows it goin lad!?"

"F@ack off ya pie eatin b@astard..."
by Blue boy April 6, 2004
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Pyyye Eeeta
Someone from the town of Wigan which likes to dwell on the past from 20 years ago. More than likely to own and in fact to be wearing a Wigan RLFC from that era.

Also liable to leave from somewhere 20 minutes early and complain that they have been cheated out of something. This is known as "The Wigan Walk"
by emmsee gee November 17, 2003
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someone who likes to eat a girl out. someone who likes to give cunnilingus. vagina eater.
he's a big time pie eater and im not talkin pastries.
by j to the izzle fo shizzle March 11, 2008
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A polite term for a fat person
That I.T Manager just sits and eats pies all day. What a fat tnuc
by Gavin September 12, 2003
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