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British Term :-
The act of a woman sitting on her subserviants face for the majority of the day.
Also known as throning
Man shes into kinky shit she likes S&M and queening
by Gavin May 22, 2004
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kiddie fidler who doesn't own a violin and isn't a child
that was nice of gary to babysit at such short notice
by gavin September 27, 2003
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80's milk snatching nazi
'A little local difficulty' the title of the chapter in her autobiography concerning the poll tax.
by gavin March 25, 2005
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Short for DOMINANT/submissive. Used mainly in personal ads
SWF seeking D/s experience.
by Gavin March 07, 2004
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Someone on IRC without a clue using destructive and malicous scripts.

See Haxor
Op: Hey, how are you.
Script-kiddy: i'm gonna take over your chan with my warbot.

Script-kiddy has been banned from #channel by Op.
Script-kiddy has been kicked from #channel by Op.
by Gavin December 14, 2003
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1. A role-playing game utilizing paper, pencils (or pens), multi-faceted plastic objects (see: dice, die) and books (see: literacy). Played, despite stereotypes, by members of virtually all demographics (see: big words). Players and game alike are vilified by those with small minds and, generally, smaller vocabularies.

2. An enjoyable hobby, but a sure way to get NO ass at a party. Alas.
Remember, when you and a halfling are running away from a hungry dragon, you don;t have to outrun the dragon....just the halfling.
by Gavin October 01, 2003
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While it is almost impossible to decipher one true and absolute meaning for Blarg, there is a basic understanding of it's fundamental implementations:

1) An utterance of complete bafflement (as noted many times the author of such bafflement may remain speechless with only the word "blarg" comprehensive for some amount of time)

see also: confuzlement

2) A vocalization of complete disgust. A short pantomime of a vomiting sound. In this case you might want to draw the "blarg" out more to sound like a more authentic vomiting sound.

3) A short sigh expressing sadness and frustration in the same instant.
A] What's that you say? Kathy Bates fully nude, awesome!
B] blarg!
by Gavin November 30, 2003
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