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British Term :-
The act of a woman sitting on her subserviants face for the majority of the day.
Also known as throning
Man shes into kinky shit she likes S&M and queening
by Gavin May 22, 2004
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to be in a group of vin's
What are the vin's doing tonight?
by Gavin March 14, 2003
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A friendlier, more likeable version of a townie.
Goth: Is he likely to give us a beating?
More knowledgable Goth: Na we'll be ok hes a trendy
by Gavin May 15, 2004
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-ex mp who used to suck ken livingstone but now just sucks
-symbol of unemployment see shortland street
fuck pant fuck pant fuck pant fuck pant
by Gavin September 28, 2003
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ok aaron stop your gurning
by Gavin November 19, 2003
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someone who makes yoghurt and weaves baskets.
also pacifistic pikey
tends to dwell in Totnes
typical statement: do you want to see my bag of information?
by Gavin September 14, 2003
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yogurt weaving, museli jumper wearing, rainbow nazi. Offspring of a CEO or heriditary peer with enough money from daddy to seemily appear to thick stupid hippy cunts fucked on whatever to have morals. once the 'holiday' is over, generally become a judge, arms dealer or general cunt.
: yes tarquins become a hunt sabatour.
: really, trustafarian cunt
by Gavin March 4, 2006
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