Why the hell are you looking upcup”.
It’s a fucking cup.
You: “I don’t know what a cup is”
by Mr. manny man July 30, 2021
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The only line of defense between you and the line drive shot to the position you're playing in baseball.
Dude, what happened to that guy's testicular region?
Oh, he forgot wear his cup, and now he can't have babies.
by Vlad the inhaler February 28, 2009
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other names: titty lift

to place an open hand, palm up, under anothers breast. next make a come here motion, lifting the breast. being cup constitutes as the ultimate insult. you dont know what hit you.

1. Guys can only cup guys
2. Girls can cup either sex
3. guys can only cup girls in a retaliation cup

1. Painters Cup- wwhen one initiates the origonal motion of a cup and then ghoes pack down, as if painting a wall. after the act is made, the cupper screams "CAUTION! wet paint!" also if available, take a piece of tape and write wet paint on it. then place it over the breast.
2. Sneak Cup- when one is approached from behind and the person makign the cup reaches over their shoulder and cups them.
3. Shotgun Cup- When 2 people are stand across from eachother and one person does a quick 2 handed cup to both breasts. sometimes painful due to the velocity of the cup
4. Death Cup-during this cup, the victem must give in to the action, becuase there is no other insult greater. the cupper takes his whole hand, and curls his fingers. then he dives into the cuppee's breast pushing him down into the ground.
Me: "I went to cup him and all i got was rib"
John: "Who ever thought cupping could be so painful"
by Martin T. June 2, 2006
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A greeting in the Apul Corps which originated with mr. marmesh
by Die Tasse May 21, 2004
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A plastic device that male atheles shove over their nuts. This usually can cause jock itch, rip out pube hairs, and smells like shit from the nut juice that come from exercising
Jimmys cup not only ripped out 27 pube hairs, but caused testicle cancer from the lack of air and loss of nut juice.
by Badidea November 29, 2012
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The smallest measurement defining the size of one's chest size; neither objectively better or worse than larger breasts. The derogatory term "flat-chested" is considered synonymous to it. Often times disregarded as beneficial due to its disbenefits, despite the plethora of advantageous properties it has. Typically not seen in an even light with larger breast sizes.

Long story short, smaller breasts can satisfy almost all needs larger ones can, and it works the same vice-versa. For example, smaller breasts can be played with and so can larger breasts. However, smaller breasts allow closer interactions while larger breasts get in the way. There are also, obviously, things smaller breasts cannot satisfy and larger breasts can. One of those things include a titjob, a kind of foreplay that involves the use of one's cleavage (and the rest of the chest's soft cushions) to jack someone off.

In any case, those with larger breasts suffer quite a lot on a physical level. Those with smaller breasts suffer quite a lot on an emotional level. Either way, both should be equal.

Please, be kind.

It isn't nice to weigh the scales unevenly.
Girl 1: "I may only have an A-Cup, but it makes life a lot easier. I don't have to worry about the back-pain or stairs. There won't be shirts I don't fit anymore, jackets I can't zip all the way or button-ups I can't button up. I don't have to buy tons of bras, and won't have trouble seeing over my bussom. I just wonder what it would be like to have them bigger. I can't help myself. Mine are just so small! It makes me feel so inferior to look at other girls and see that they have bigger ones than I do."
Girl 2: "I understand, I'm not that much bigger than you. Mine are C-Cups. Sure, I'll look around and see girls with larger ones than mine, but at least I won't have nearly as much trouble. If I can take care of mine well, they won't sag much like people think. Of course, I still experience a lot of the issues you said you won't have to go through. You're lucky to have small breasts. The only real benefit of larger breasts I can think of is to just make you feel sexy."
Girl 1: "I get you. I honestly don't know why it matter so much to me, either. I know the pros and cons of smaller breasts. The thought of having bigger ones is just so compelling."
Girl 2: "I guess? Don't change yourself to make yourself more, quote on quote, attractive. Lots of people think A-Cups are cute or sexy, anyway. If your chest size matters on whether or not you get into a relationship, you probably shouldn't get into it."
Girl 1: "Yeah, yeah.."

The conversation goes on and on.
by Viaspo May 20, 2019
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A drinking utensil that holds liquids not breasts Haha fucking dumb fucks!!!!
I used a cup to drink some water.

by #rere August 12, 2018
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