1) someone who repeatedly says the word raw, usually in multiples of three. always a gentleman, they are always glad to offer you their spare top hat or monacle.
2) somone with two facebooks
"Did you say Rick's second facebook account?"
"I know, he's a total Picket!"
by Ryan Leibel December 5, 2009
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also known as 'picket boy','that good picket' and 'ye old picket'. derived from a personal joke between two friends....now is a well known phrase.
'hey look its 'ye old picket'....
hey...if hes 'the good picket'...then whos 'the bad picket'?
i havent seen much of 'the piket' these days
by cheeky September 21, 2003
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A derogatory term describing someone's set of teeth that resemble a picket fence that is in disrepair.
Frank's grill was so bad with gaps and crisscrossed incisors it looked liked he had Picket Teeth!
by will bitten December 22, 2016
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A boundary created by workers participating in a strike, generally at the workplace entrance, which other workers are asked not to pass.
Even though we are on Strike, Jimmy crosses the Picket line and goes to work
by GrimJ9045 October 15, 2021
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In competitive forensics, to picket fence is to recieve only scores of 1 (the highest score) in all speech rounds.
Sarah: How did you do at the Jack Howe tournament?
David: I picket fenced it!
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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(Repeater Term) A condition experienced on VHF and above where a signal rapidly fluctuates in amplitude causing a sound akin to rubbing a stick on a picket fence. If a repeater user's signal isn't strong enough to maintain solid access to the machine's input (such as when operating from a vehicle passing beneath underpasses or through hilly terrain), the signal would be hard to copy because of a pronounced, rapid fluttery or choppy characteristic.
We can't copy you, you're picket fencing really badly.
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 1, 2004
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Really bad orthodonture (crooked teeth).

synononyms: British teeth, Mouth of Horrors.
She was a babe until she opened her mouth and showed me her picket fence.
by Nancy_Drew_Mysterious October 5, 2006
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