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When someone picks their nose and rolls it, before depositing on a nearby surface or popping it into their mouth.
"Did you see Craig pick and roll in our meeting today? That was incredibly gross!"
by The Melons June 22, 2007
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1. to set up a pick and roll in basketball

2. to move forward in a policy debate tournament, based on 'picking up'

3. to 'pick' up an opportunity at a dis, and 'roll' with it by a disrespectful comment in good humor

4. to 'pick' a girl/guy and 'roll' by smoothly going forward by either chatting it up, or getting it on on the dance floor.
"Yo, we pick-and-rolled so much yesterday and won the basketball game by 10 points."

Alan: "Did you break or did the other team have better arguments?"
Dennis: "We pick-and-rolled all the way to finals, man!"

Jake: "Could I get some donuts from that box?"
Tory: "Dude, that's all you eat anyway."
Mark: "OH Snap! That was OD Pick-and-roll man!"

Arthur: "I heard you went to the dance, had soda, and just came back home, man."
Chris: "That's crap, man. I pick-and-rolled all night."
by A-Unitz February 17, 2009
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when a friend interrupts a conversation in order for their friend to leave.
Dude, thanks for the pick and roll. That bitch was crazy as hell.
by jerry denstorff October 12, 2004
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While driving, another driver on the road blocks yet another vehicle that would otherwise hit your car, setting the "pick." Then, once the pick is established, you "roll" into an otherwise imposible turn.
Alex - "It's impossible to make this turn, how will I ever get out?"

Joe - "That lady in the Explorer is setting a pick for you. Roll motherfucker roll."

Alex - "Kazaam, I just executed a perfect pick and roll."
by THE LOCKSMITH January 06, 2006
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