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1. to execute a 'pick-and-roll' play on the basketball court

2. to 'pick' up an opportunity at a dis and 'roll' with it by making fun of the person you're dealing with- in good humor, of course.

3. getting or flirting with a girl; to 'pick' up an opportunity at doing something with a member of the opposite sex and 'roll' with it by either grinding on the dance floor or some other form of intimacy with her/him that need not be said in so many words .

4. achieving huge success to 'pick' up any opportunity at achieving something and 'roll' with it by being successful- esp. in an academic subject

5. just as Amendment 9 of the Constitution says, this dictionary definition list cannot possibly cover every aspect of the multifaceted pick n' roll, and sometimes, higher powers will have to be consulted to determine correct usage.

6. often used when describing an opportunity that could lead to one of the aforementioned pick n' roll actions (a ----- opportunity)


7. The act of being super fly (NOTE: since the gerund of 'pick n' roll' is generally not used, the noun form of it is used to describe any execution of a pick n' roll opportunity) ; The noun form is often abbreviated PNR.
Jeremy: "We were only able to beat the other team because you two kept teaming up for those amazing two-pointers.
Floyd and Lloyd: "Yup, we pick n' rolled all day."

Alex: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Neil: "You don't need a dress to do that."
Mike: "Snap! You just pick n' rolled all over her."

George: "So apparently I heard you went clubbing the other night, and did absolutely nothing apart from drinking pepsi til 3 AM?"

Albert: "That's total crap- I picked n' rolled all night."

John: "How'd you do on your report card this term? I got a 92 average."
Lisa: "Oh- that's pretty good. I managed a 100.3"

John: "Wow- you just bullsh- I mean- you just pick n' rolled this term, huh?."

David: "Did you guys make the semi-final round of policy debate?"
Daniel: "Man, We pick n' rolled to finals, baby!"

6 and 7 usage (in order):

Alex: "Does this dress make me look fat?"
Neil: "Wow Alex, you just handed me a pick n' roll opportunity."
Mike: "That's not the only thing she's handing you."
Ally: "Whoa! That was OD PNR!"
by ASKStuy February 23, 2009

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