PNR is short for paranormal romance, a romance sub-genre. It is a sub-genre that is a branch of speculative fiction. Unlike Urban Fantasy, it focuses more on the romance element of the story.
My friends love PNR, for some reason. I think I'll stick with UF, less mushy romance...
by silent- reader September 3, 2009
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Post Nut Regret - To feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over the reason you just came.
It was last call, she was there... we went up to her place and, let me tell you, the second I came I had PNR. I should have just gone home because nothing good ever happens after 2am.
by TheGreatFate January 30, 2016
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Sir, we've passed the PNR - we have no choice but to continue the mission!

I ran into my boss on the subway yesterday - we hit the PNR after exactly two seconds so I had to take a Phoney Call
by geek.neo May 18, 2010
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Pinch 'N Roll (PNR): Any self-respecting man will know that it's easily the best way to itch one's ball sack, as many other methods may potentially hurt the balls. This method was formulated to effectively itch only the skin of the sack while posing a minimal threat to the balls.*

It's done by pinching the itchy skin of the ball sack, followed by a relatively firm rolling motion of the skin between the fingers.

*Lance Armstrong's left hand is the only one that employs the PNR method.
#1: God, my damn ball sack fuckin' itches, but I keep smashing my balls when I try to claw at it!

#2: What are you, an idiot? Just give it the old PNR, you stupid cunt.
by The Itchy Engineer April 8, 2009
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Porch Night Retread. Slang term given to a particular individual who, after leaving Porch Night (see definition) returned almost 2 years to the day.
I love how PNR always wants to sit this one out, and then tosses bulls on every throw.
by It'sstill7:30PNM July 2, 2007
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PNR = Pwner
Pwner means pooner or someone who is very good at something
He was pwner on that game
by Rabbitio July 19, 2005
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Post nut regret
When you nut and then realize what you are doing and/or watching
Man that step fantasy porn had me with PNR
by The_Lost_Ninja May 29, 2019
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