when ass/boobs giggle when hot girls walk by
"She got an 'A' in physics" or "Check out the physics over there" or "The Physics at our school sucks"
by cox March 10, 2005
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1. a genius's paradise. euphoria. better then sex.
2. hell.
3. a science class you take in high school. it's like math class, only more complicated. it sucks. don't take it if you don't have to.
1. Wow, physics makes me all hot and bothered. e = mc2!!
2. I got a 64% in physics and all i want to do is become an artist, not a fucking physicist, therefore, i fail high school and life just because i don't give a shit about einstien and how his balls dropped at the same rate as a pendgilum or whatever.
by high school student November 01, 2005
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The exaggerated motion of a female characters' breasts in video games, particularly fighting games. Popularized by the Dead or Alive series of games.
Taki's got some serious physics in Soul Calibur III.
by engee July 07, 2006
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One of the many code words for alcohol, especially in respect to beer. Used to imply studying; sometimes students with large backpacks full of "physics textbooks" can be seen taking the outer loop night bus at an unspecified location on Long Island.
"I love physics, man. I love physics in my left hand, physics in my right hand..." -(Ass-Macleod)
by LBorealis November 03, 2009
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1.the source of misery for billions of kids around the world.
2.the thing which gave einstein his paycheck.
3.a whole lot of unnecessary bull which we dont have to know.
"the world would be a happier place w/o physics"
"yes i totallg agree."
by Fearall October 01, 2005
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To purge, create a laxative effect resulting in weapons grade flatulence and splattering shite all over the toilet.
Grandpa Will has been rocking the Jack LaLanne juicer again! Verl says that "physics" him! Why does he have to use our toilet at the Christmas party!
by Thebiglebowski10 December 28, 2010
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an acronym for masturbation; masturbation:

Pull / (ing)
Sex organs
When being told to explore new horizons,

"You should practice PHYSICS."
"Yes ma'am!"
by Browniezz October 12, 2009
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