The closest one can get to being a math major without actually being a math major. Holds the distinction of being the only Bachelor of Science degree someone could actually get without ever answering one question completely right.
I got a 54 on my last quantum mechanics exam and that was a B. Being a physics major kicks ass!
by OdekaKeChocobo January 25, 2012
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Other than possibly Electrical and Chemical Engineering, has the distinction of being the hardest and most rigorous degree program offered at any university. While the material is interesting and often "magical", sleep will be something you won't get a lot of, and coffee will be your next friend.
Phil is a Physics Major and studies 100 hours a week on his homework trying to understand quantum mechanics using Fourier Transforms and Relativity in four dimensions....Unfortunately for Phil, he has a 2.3 GPA. Meanwhile, his crush, Heather, is a Business student and has a 3.8 GPA despite only studying for 10 hours a week.
by partyrockstar222 July 24, 2019
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