When your banging your girlfriend in the library against some bookshelves and security comes, so you have to cover your knob with a pepper pig book. Security see's your dilema, winks and directs you to the female anatomy section.
Saw a dirty phill in the UCL library last night.
by Boarder bitch December 7, 2015
A name you call someone who looks like a hairy egg. This is also used to describe someone who is very hot. Relate to the context first.
Scenario 1 " See that girl over there she's a proper Phill Henton"

Scenario 2 "Say welcome to Phill Henton (laughs)"
by I am super homosexual September 27, 2021
The above description fails to include the word 'ginger'.
Watch that dirty ginger Phil O'Shagnasty run away in a drunken way after attempting to breed with a motor vehicle.
by CockMaster April 5, 2003
1.to feel up some one
2.to come all inside that bitch
"dude i think i did a phill-up to that bitch from room 364"
by boomsickle May 18, 2008
origanly based on a girl who is definetly not perfect, but everyone thinks shes is. used as a compliment.
Boy at waldorf sf: look at her. shes definetly got an almost phill status. 2nd boy at waldorf: yeah i know. I CALL DIBS ON HER!
by elliot dwyer carney January 21, 2009
Another way to say someone is very good looking.
Girl one : omg look at that boy

Girl two : wow! He is so dr phill
by Maicata September 2, 2019