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the smoothest people in the world, they have this bad rep but its bull, they have this good rep and its true ;) best known for guinness and flogging molly :D daaaaaamn straight

ha oh and i'm irish, and you're not, :P
hes irish, what a duuuude

oh yeah great in bed too...
by Meee January 11, 2004

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a dick that is child-sized ,but on a man!
Shane has a needle dick.
by meee November 30, 2003

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large tits on a womans chest...also a nickname...GOD DAMN YOU ike!
TATAS!!!-yells across room
by meee May 11, 2004

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a word made by R SMITH and C B-H

"YASMIN, you slutho! that's your 16th boyfriend in the past week!"
by MEeE September 18, 2004

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a racist nazi who should smoke more because hes nicer that way
phill.. love a hatian
by meee January 11, 2004

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hehehe this is weird
haha haha hahshhahahahahha
by meee February 24, 2005

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yet anotha bitch who fell fer songtha
Esha fell fer songtha, dat bitch ( hey i fell fer him too dun feel too bad!)
by meee May 20, 2004

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