Phat is an adjective to describe approval in Hip Hop culture. Hence, someone or something that is phat could be cool, rich, entertaining, intelligent, fly or otherwise to be admired. The term derives from Black English Vernacular(Ebonics) as a deliberate misspelling of the word fat. Fake etymologies for "phat" state that the word originated as an acronym for "Pretty Hot And Tempting", "Plenty of Hips And Thighs" or "Pussy, Hips And Tits".
That girl is phat.
That is on phat ride.
by Rune October 26, 2005
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A large ass on a girl. It's like fat but as a compliment. Similar to the use of thicc or thick
Did you see how big that girls ass is? It's phat!
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by MayorAadamWest December 26, 2017
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in Hawaii "Pretty hot an tick"
"ho cuz u seen brahdahz chic? She pretty PHAT ahh!! Kaipo: "nah, she skinee cuz" Brahdah: "no dummie!! Pretty hot an tick!!"
by 808HotDog808 December 28, 2015
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Real fresh or nice, (same as off da hook)
"Yo gurl yo new weave is phat."
"Homeboy fly and got a phat ride too!"
by Bree December 07, 2003
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