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A word slang for any acknowledgement or for showing excitement or an accomplishment. Of military origins.
Huzzah was used by the British marines and soldiers until the late 19th century. When the Americans adopted it, it was changed to hooah. Also it can be seen as the Canadian version as hooeh. (I am part of the Canadian military)
Canadian Soldier: I got the sniper! Hooeh!
American Sodlier: Good job! You give a new deffinition to the word hooah!
by krussader October 03, 2004

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Originally used as a term in BMXing for a good trick.
Later known as anything cool.
If you don't know that then you can tell that you are the worst of the wiggers.
That 360 jump was phat! P-H fat.
by krussader October 04, 2004

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