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A large town in New Jersey where Jews, asians, and African Americans come to reside. Of course, all of the jewish and asian live on the east side and take all of the money while the African Americans are thrown to the west side with all the non-jewish white kids. Both sides have terrible football teams and take no pride in them (except when they play on thanksgiving). Cherry Hill only has one hill on the west side where the Loews Cineplex is located. There possibly might have been a cherry tree on it at one time but there are none left in the town.
-Why are jewish people's noses so big?

-they heard the air was free!

When you think of Cherry Hill, you think of Israel.
by Cha hill August 27, 2006
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I love cherry hill! i hang out at the jcc, have a burning hatred for kids from the high school across town, drive a lexus my dad gave me, and go clubbing in philly. Also, I'm a jew. A big one. But don't hate we have slutty chicks.
Let's invite some slutty chicks over and get fucked up!...Nah, I say we go to club shampoo. I just wanna dance!!
by jimbo February 27, 2005
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A rich town formerly known as Delaware Township, located 5 miles outside of philadelphia. Its bordered by Haddonfield, Marlton, Mount Laurel, Voorhees, and shitty ass towns that no one really cares about like Lawnside, Pennsauken, Merchantville, and the worst, Maple Shade. Most people in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area have heard of it or have been here either for work related reasons or because cherry hill mall is the only good mall for miles.
It started as farm land but the population exploded by the 1950 and 60s. Today the only farm left is located on Springdale road.
The town can be classified as being "very convenient" since everything you could need is there. This can also be a bad thing since it attracts some white trash from Maple Shade. And some actual threatening ghetto trash (unlike other surrounding towns that claim they are "hardcore") from Camden since the New Jersey Transit bus stops in numerous sections in the town. It also has the PATCO stations in Woodcrest and Ashland which provides transportation into center city philadelphia.
Cherry Hill is known for having a large amount of jewish residents, in reality only the East side (mainly woodcrest and springdale) have a noticeable amount.
The East side has a reputation for being the richer side of Cherry Hill. Cherry Hill East High school was ranked 41st in the State for SAT scores (1668) while Cherry Hill West ranked 124th (1529). East high school also has a notable theater program
The West side is classified as "poor" when in reality most parts of it are not. Most section 8 housing in cherry Hill is on the east side (Sergie Farms). The Cherry Hill Library, the Cherry Hill Mall/ Pavilions shopping centers, Kennedy Hospital, and Ellisburge Circle are all located on the West side. Cherry Hill West also has one of the best choirs in the state.
Maple Shade kid: "Lets go to Moorestown Mall I dont feel like see those jews and niggers at the Cherry Hill Mall." *scratches infected area around crouch*
Cherry Hill kid: "You're a fucking idiot..."
by HNIC9000 March 09, 2009
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A section in South Baltimore City that white people shouldn't even drive through.
"Hey, county kid. Go put on a blue shirt and walk through Cherry Hill."
by _spacebar_ December 28, 2008
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A town in New Jersey where 99 percent of the population are elitist snobs.
Quit acting all Cherry Hill!
by jhan325 July 31, 2009
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The place where the Jews own well 80 percent of the place. You know football is not a big sport but soccer is. the school that has leaks in the roof and such. Club WaWa off Springdale....The JCC...Honestly what other towns have a JCC? I mean a school pinned between synagoges{sp}. What else is there to say other then lets wreck out BMW and then just buy a new one.. Thanks Daddy....JAP orginated here.....We have the second highest Jewish population outside of Jersulem. GOod ol Cherry Hill.. EAST SIDE! Oh yea no Hills no Cherries? no clue
No cherry trees and such well
by chuckles March 02, 2005
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Cherry Hill, well it is a place where litte bratty jews cry to their daddy's when they got the lexus couple instead of the benz. Everyone is trying to be someone the obviously are not, like white people always try to be black and fail horribly mostly becuase they are white. All the chicks are slutty whores, but wear so much makeup its amzing it all fits on their ugly big-nosed faces. Cherry Hill is alright, it is just the "cherry hillers" that fucking suck.
Fuck you daddy, the lexus is so ugly. I told you i want the benz you cheap piece of shit. I HATE YOU!
by Mitchell April 05, 2005
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