A spice boy with an exceedingly large head.
Known to frustrate people with pictures of his gay, pretty boy face.
Also known to come off with extremely cheesy sayings.
(After seeing a picture of Pez) There is that Pez wanker again. Oh My God i so want to wreck that wee dick. That guy is such a prick. Would love to smack him.
"eh-heh,my names Pez,and im back WIT my BABEZ again, this time its forever!"
Fuck up Pez you fucking cunt
by pez-killa November 30, 2007
Candy shaped into small, 1/4" tablets. Nine of them fit into a long, skinny toy called a "pez dispenser", which spits out one tablet everytime you tilt its head. For some reason, vintage pez dispensers have become collector's items.
"I had a Spiderman pez dispenser, and my sister had a Wonderwoman one, my mother refused to by any more pez after it ran out, because it was too expensive, it tasted pretty good, though."
by handle187 November 7, 2003
derrived from the word peasant - someone who is inferior, and/or ugly
bob: hey baby you're hot, can we screw?
beulah: nah you're pez
by bob October 16, 2003
Rupert tried to hurt me but he was pez and could do shit all.
by lambinator June 14, 2006
he da man, there is no other
i wanna be just like pez
by 952 January 22, 2004
1. Short for peasant or peasantry.
Meaning anything that is shit, bad, unfair, annoying, gay, fucked up, poor, stinghy, scummy, crummy, small, unlucky, rude, harsh or irritating.
2. A person can also be pez, meaning any of the above. Usually they are called a 'Pezza'.
1. "Fuck that shit! That's Pez!"
2. "Stop being so Pez. Just give me the ounce for $50."
"Fuck you, ya Pezza."
by Diego August 26, 2003
The status or degree of spiritual righteousness

A state of being that can only be achieved or replenished through altruistic deeds of peziness. When one possesses a high enough degree of 'pez' the spirit is reborn and one's true pezzy nature is ignited. Those who have been fortunate to witness a born-again pezhead speak of a being who is enlightened and blessed with good nature, forgiveness, and candy.
I can tell that Mindy is experiencing a pezzy rebirth.. her 'pez' is really 'shrooming this year.

Did you see Lance? His pez is through the roof! I swear you can see an aura of pastel colored stripes surrounding his magnificent little head. That's one pezzy motherfucker.
by Keith Avery (art1080) May 4, 2006