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A social group consisting of males following the latest fashions of Pink polos (that have seams on the outside) bleached blonde spikey hair & tight t-shirts.
They usually shop in Envy, Topman, the like.
They are not confrontational, but are rather cocky and arrogant. Especially amongst females.
"Come on lads! lets get these stellas down our necks and go find some totty!" - spice boy
by deanmouski September 13, 2005
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Usually teenage males who follow each other in a similar trend. They shop for expensive stuff in places like Topman, Republic etc and are usually arrogant and cocky. Often caught wearing expensive tops such as vests (to show off what muscle they may have), polos and normal t-shirts with stylish jeans and expensive trainers like Lacoste.

Summer time they can always be seen wearing a designer t-shirt or a vest with designer shorts and flip flops with sunglasses. Winter can be seen wearing jeans, designer jackets and sometimes scarfs and beanie hats with their hair coming out the sides.

Nowdays they are prone to straighten their hair and style if flat against their heads using wax, gel or hairspray. These are the type of boys you see posing in a restroom mirror taking photos of each other in poses.

Always a group of them in a cinema or shopping centre somewhere, often acting noisy and "full of it" - but some groups are often calm and nice lads.
"nice shoes shaun boy, how much were they mate?"
"Cheers mate, looking sexy as usual aint I!? 60 quid mate!"
"Is that it? My top cost more than that from River Island!"
"You spice boy!"

Looks like Zac Efron and Cristiano Ronaldo
by daveman16 August 17, 2008
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Young male, who appears to spend a long time styling his hair, drives a sporty car, in a similar style to their relatives "the boy racers", dresses smart/casual, and is of a tanned complexion (if they are not tanned they will use fake tan). Spice boys have also been said to use phrases, so much to the point that only other spice boys can fully understand them, sometimes its as if they have their own language.

Spice Boys also enjoy the popped collar look
"Im poppin my collar" - spice boy
by Marco T. Baptist October 15, 2009
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A male normaly young who dresses smart casual, wears labels, apears arigant and cocky but is increably spinless. Normaly has fake tan, bleached hair & is prone to wearing white vests or tight t-shirts.
A Spice Boy is a male who cares too much about his aperance and belives he is gods gift to the world.
by David Gowans May 27, 2005
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someone who tends to care too much about their looks, also enjoys techno and other homoerotic hobbies.
Hoag is such a spiceboy
by featherhead September 19, 2008
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Usually around the age of 16-25 and they usually pride themselves on appearance. They work out, wear fake tan, usually have/had bleach and always wear some form of gel/hairspray/wax in their hair.

They're are big fans of t-shirts with low necklines which are normally peck exposing (even in winter, put you're nipples away lads!), teamed with some form of necklace or rosary beads (even though they probably aren't religious) and jeans which will vary in style however they will never be skinny or baggy but somewhere in between.

In extreme cases could be mistaken for being gay, however they're usually classed amongst themselves as a "lad's lad". It comes as no surprise when they're typically arrogant and cocky and absolutely love themselves.
girl 1: His fake tan is streakier than mine...
girl 2: I know hes a right spice boy!

spice boy 1: wheres your top from mate? its nice..
spice boy 2: it was Β£50 from all saints got it to go with my rosary beads for tonights carnage...
by cunt01 January 09, 2011
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Spice boys usually dress smart, although wearing plain white sleeveless vests is common.
Spice boys usually spend hours styling thier bleached blonde hair and try to look perfect.
They also think they are great at everything and every girl wants them, although this is just to lead others into a false sense of security so they can hide thier homosexual needs.
"Hey look over there at those spice boys! Getting thier ears peirced, smelling each others hair and taking part in other homosexual activities."
by Robb Jones September 18, 2009
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