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The amount of screaming one generates, in proportion to the amount of real content they are communicating.

People who grow up in empty households (often with a lot of older people) feel as though noise and signal are in direct proportion, which causes them to pump more noise in the hopes of generating more signal.

See also: catharsis
"When I asked her what her problem was, the signal-to-noise ratio was just off da meat rack !"
by handle187 October 31, 2003
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A (usually young) woman with wide hips or big breasts and a youthful face, dressed in a sexy or revealing manner (probably dressed a little too old for her age).

Like many Spanish slang terms, the word "mami" is used mainly for dramatic effect, and sounds inappropriate if it's overused.

Similar to: dimepiece
"Daaaaamn, check out all the fly mamis in the spot !"
by handle187 October 31, 2003
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1.) Synonym for "joint" meaning "bad as in good" (not "joint" meaning a weed cigarette).

2.) What someone while wearing a jump suit.

3.) What someone does after having to walk the plank.

4.) What a shipload of illegals do when they arrive at their destination.

"Man, this new track is the jump off !!!!" - "Charlene's party is gonna be the jump off this Sunday night" - "OMFG, the new (Chanel/Benz/Movado) is the jump off, son !!!1"

"Get the sheets ready, I'm about to start the jump off."

"Aaaargh! After ye walks the plank ye have no recourse but to jump off"

"Hurry up and jump off before the coasters get here."
by handle187 November 7, 2003
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The 6th month of the year, following May and followed by July.

June covers the zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer, and falls under the Chinese sign of the Snake.
June 21 is not the vernal equinox, because the equinoxes shift.
by handle187 November 7, 2003
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Food with a lot of starch, and a lot of high-fructose corn syrup, for they also bear little nutritional value.
"That instant iced tea mix you just made counts as junk food."
by handle187 November 7, 2003
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A two-way pager that weights 6 pounds and costs $500 or more. You can talk to more people at a time using instant messenger than you can with a two-way. You can also type, access the Internet, and play video games in a more humane manner.

For those who would rather have radiation splashing onto their face rather than zapping their genitalia, instant messenger is the way to go.
I use instant messenger when I'm at my day job, but I can only use a two-way at my, uh..., night job.
by handle187 November 7, 2003
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1.) Designed to be an indestructable communications medium, in the event of a worldwide catastrophe. The only real worldwide catastrophe to happen so far is the Internet itself.

2.) Part of the "information superhighway" intiative. Let's see what happens in another 50 years.
Make sure your online service also includes internet access.
by handle187 November 12, 2003
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