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Verb- When two or more people of the male gender engage in any sexual action.
I was petering Kevin last night.
by puffyflouse February 18, 2011
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The act of creeping on adolescent females in an extremely intoxicated state, with the hope of success, however always doomed to failure.
i was petering in dandelion the other night, tried to mooch rachel gardiner 16 times. Just as well i got rejected im a terrible man for the whiskey dick if experience tells.
by the night stalker 3000 October 23, 2012
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To have a conversation with sombody and then throw up half way through and then continue with the conversation.
Peter was petering whilst telling me a story about a man named jesus
by inverted_guy January 20, 2006
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When one orders food at a restaurant, eats anywhere from 75-99% of it, and proceeds to explain to the waiter/waitress that the food isn't correctly cooked, wasn't the correct order, etc... In hopes of replacing said order with a new one.
*ate 3/4 pancakes*

Kid: "Excuse me sir these pancakes are not cooked correctly, may I have a plate of chicken fingers"

Waiter: "this kids gotta be petering me"
by Morning_wood August 18, 2013
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When someone is acting as a self centered prick, they tend to always think themselves right and that the things they do are exceedingly funny (even when they are clearly not). They will argue over the smallest things that they have no knowledge in, and would rather fight about everything than say admit defeat. They will blamed all shortcomings on someone else rather then themselves.
So I was playing games with Rob last night, and he just kept petering. When I told him to stop being a prick, he told me it was my fault.
by Eragonic January 21, 2019
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used to describe someone who is constantly complaining about someone or something. ie. bitching
1. Dude stop petering about Lambert he will come good for us."

2. We lossed our first game of the season and you won't stop petering about it.
by mosh_pit August 05, 2014
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