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Petered is a stage of next level pissery in which a person is so drunk that the pupils dilate to extremes, the user cannot speak and only has use of his most basic functions.
Pete went to town and got absolutely Petered last night.
by Sharkymcjawsface April 19, 2017
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Petering means a player dying a lot of times, awkwardly, shamefully, in front of other people, in an online game, thus facing ridicule for their death count. It is also used when someone dies a small amount of times, but quite awkwardly and by their own mistake, also facing ridicule.
A: Did Peter die a lot in vAA?
B: He Petered 49 times, out of that 10 times on the first boss alone.
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by thewhicher June 15, 2018
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1. When someone cuts you off when you are speaking because you are taking too long to say something.
2. Being told to get to the point because you are speaking too slow.
3. Verbose speaking leads to being hurried up.
Hank was petered during his presentation because it took him 15 minutes to finish a sentence.
by Leena May 05, 2005
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A polite way of telling someone that things are more difficult because someone got in your way. (Peter being a slang term used to refer to male genitalia; screwed)
I would have had this project done but I got petered.
by Matthew Newman September 29, 2007
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