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a beautiful queen inside and out , she will always be there for you and always have your back , she’s loyal and will treat you like you’re the most important thing to her , if you have a persis in your life NEVER let her go , she’s too perfect to let go of , she has so many talents especially with music and you’ll be amazed by her abilities , she’s so amazing and unforgettable
wow persis makes me so happy when she’s around
by maddyyyy3684 August 03, 2018
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Persi is so annoying. she cries to get attention. Nobody likes her at all. she is rude, fat, ugly, and way so much more. she is like a awful person. she shouldn't even be here in this world. Everyone may say she is all pretty, nice, caring, funny, and everyone will have her back. But in reality she is not. she has everyone´s back cause she cares for a bunch of people but yet they don´t care about her that much. Nobody will notice her if she is gone no one has every noticed cause guess what they never really cared. she is so weak and full of it. and why is even her in this world. like go away no body wants you in their life so why are you even here anyways. honestly i am speaking the truth so yeah. and i bet if she were to leave that all of you would be happy cause you all never really liked her.
persi is a ugly beast that everyone hates.
by trival May 17, 2018
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