27 definitions by Burn Mar-a-Lago

A feminist bimbo who still believes some how western skanks are still "oppressed", when white women are the most privileged group in the western world.

This is because white boomer hags are in charge of our Universities , and pass on their hatred to Generation Y bimbos.
Bimbo's who complain about the non existent wage gap,slut walkers ,people who enact laws to protect white campus sluts instead of minority women are all third-wave feminists.

They tend to call foreign/minority women sluts because of genetic female jealousy.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago September 4, 2011
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Chamberlain Democrat are pseudo liberals who whine about real liberals using terms against Democracy hating MAGAts. They tend to whine about "dehumanizing" people when these sub-human monsters dehumanize and murder liberals, racial minorities, LGBTQA+, Jews and immigrants on a daily basis. Because they feel oppressed by the mere existence of anyone who isn't Straight, White & Xtian.

Chamberlain Democrats live and frequent social media suburban white echo chambers where minorities are miles away from violence carried out by MAGAts.
Chamberlain Democrat: We shouldn't dehumanizing people with the word MAGAt!

Real Democrat: Are you stupid? MAGAts are out their killing anyone who isn't White, CIS and Christian. Pretty soon they'll commit acts of Genocide and put the survivors in Death camps.

After the liberation of a MAGAt run Death Camp.

Chamberlain Democrat: Stop murdering trump supporters, their human like the rest us!
Real Democrat: Human my ass. There are piles of dead minorities, Jews and Atheists back in the death camps. It's the fault of you MAGAt appeasers that their acts of genocide became reality. We should have left you to die back there.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago September 3, 2023
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A right wing thot who couldn't find a real man so she marries a right wing incel for their money or government handouts. Says she loves her husband but once she finds a non-incel such as a liberal or non-white she gets horny and goes on racist tirades. Until she inevitably cheats on him with an actual man or a family member.
Tradwifes are the biggest sluts or tend to be former sluts. Only incels with low standards have sex with or merry them.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago September 3, 2023
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What whiny right wing morons whine about anytime their criticized, thus showing they the contempt they have the first amendment of the US constitution. They will usually site the Roman Empire throwing christians to the lions as an example. Despite the fact that this was a punishment only handed to criminals and denying that early christians were arsonists and terrorists.
Christian Persecution is the excuse the right wing uses as an excuse to commit genocide against those not deemed white or christian enough.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago July 25, 2019
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The right wing version of political correctness. It can be easily spottered with a sharp ear because most conservatives are easily butthurt men-women children.
Examples of conservative political correctness include:

Christian persecution(there is none)
Butthurt reaction when called a bigot
Offended by being called a racist when using racial slurs
When conservative women are called sluts
Whining about the word white trash
Whining about the expansion of LGBT rights
Whining about socialism(ie what the rest of the civilized world has.)
Calling Atheists godless or Satan worshipers

Using the words "White working class" when it doesn't exist. They are really moochers who pop meth and smoke heroine all day.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago January 12, 2017
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Slur used by White Supremacists to attack those who are non-white in the public sphere.
Race Hustlers are those who make albino chimps feel stupid, which they are.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago June 14, 2023
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When a conservative shares the same fandom as you. They tend to be the dumbest members, wanks their powers and wank to its characters. While calling people who tend to disagree with them cucks. This is because they can't find a women in IRL. So instead they masturbate to submissive otaku/weeboo fantasy conservasluts after popping Viagra pills.
Timmy is a morbidly obese right winger who wacks off to 2D conservasluts, and makes up dumbest reasons for his favorite character to win battles. Than whines about liberals. Thus he gives everyone else who isn't a loser the Raigan Effect.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago December 22, 2016
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