common spelling mistake for the soda "pepsi"

this could also be a nickname for a fag. This person find the number '696' very amazing.
A 'pepsie' usually is an artist.
A 'pepsie' also is very attacted to purple cats.
Bob: Some fag drew purple cat balls all over town.
Sue: I'm sure that person was a pepsie.
by a pcat March 04, 2009
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When you ask for/want something but instead, for what ever reason be offed the less favorable option. e.g. Asking for a coke but instead being asked if Pepsi is okay.
Customer: I would like the chocolate fudge cake please

Waiter/Waitress: I'm sorry we are out of the chocolate fudge cake would you like the fruit platter instead?
Customer: Dam i cant believe i got pepsied
by Wadders95 June 05, 2016
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Adj. Dead. Turn the Pepsi logo upside down and it reads as "isded". Has become synonymous with "dieded" on 9gag.
After witnessing a horrific car crash video, many commenters asked, "Pepsi?"
by PCNewInTown May 19, 2021
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The main substitute for coke... both spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising a year and the effect is...
Customer: can i have a can of coke please?

Barman: sorry mate, only got Pepsi

Customer: that'll do!
by pat August 26, 2003
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A black carbonated beverage (soda). It's delicious and tasty.

Slang for speed(amphetamine, Ethylamphetamine). Often used for studying.
Steve: Can I have a Pepsi?

Josh: Sure!

Steve: You got any Pepsi?

Walter: Sure!
by HawaiianPunch1 July 14, 2021
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When you say you're getting a beverage but really you alt + f4 everything including your pc
Aaron: I'm gonna get a pepsi *alt f4s everything*
Other people: oh for fuck sake he's gone for a pepsi
Aaron: *types "Fuck sake my pc is hot shit"*
by DF NERFS DID DIDDLY SQUAT January 17, 2019
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A cola company whos advertising as gradually subsided to not really promoting their own cola, but more towards demoting coca cola.
Pepsi Executive #1: How about this for a commercial! A rough looking man with a shotgun walks into a bar, and starts shooting everyone, but instead of bullets, they are cans of coke! It ends with "Coke, it'll kill you."

Pepsi Executive #2: I love it!
by sebastiancee November 04, 2007
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