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a quarter of an ounce
let me cop a quad
by pat September 25, 2003
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To be formally and officially fucked.

What Pat is on this test.
Bush proper fucked the States.

That u-haul just proper fucked that guy on his bike.

After missing his shot in the brick champion ships, Billy got proper fucked.

The legal system proper fucks minorites.

Rossy O'Donald proper fucked that snack bar.

The Romans proper fucked Jesus.

by pat November 20, 2004
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"damn, my helm could use a good darthing."
by pat August 25, 2004
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Incredibly awesome, excessively good

Derived from the term "gnarly"
Whoa, did you see him hit the tranny with a 720 nose grind, it was gnar-gnar
by pat February 19, 2003
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It's that little drop of sweat that beads up on the back of your neck and dribbles down your back, thru your crack and eventually drips off of your ball while your fucking you sister.
by pat May 14, 2003
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Current Microsoft CEO, responsible for amazing marketing and technological breakthroughs in the computer industry, and sales industry.
Man that Steve Ballmer is teh r3sourceful.
by pat March 6, 2005
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The Greatest Metal band of all time

Huge Rock Stars
Person 1 :Man, did you hear that new Fozzy song ?

Person 2 :Yeah they are HUGE Rock Stars

by pat May 13, 2003
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