128 definitions by pat

(noun) most commonly used as butt. if you're feeling classy, instead of ass, say arse.
by pat June 14, 2004
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a rare name found usualy for ugly girls
by pat November 03, 2003
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the unfortunate act of when a man owns a woman and takes over all of her shit, including her house, cars, money and independence.
I can't believe I let that asshole I married own me.
by pat January 04, 2004
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yes yess it means absolutly: gorgeous, fantastic
das isch eeländ mess
by pat March 30, 2005
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a girl who hooks up with 4 different people in one night and reaches a different base with each person(kinda like hitting a cycle in baseball)
All she needs is a single in order to complete the nienstedt
by pat October 04, 2004
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