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1:"Man, i only have two cigarettes left"
2:"But you had a whole deck last nite"
by pat February 11, 2004
1. Someone who likes to touch penis
2. A pedophile
3. Someone who has an internet girlfriend
1. "Man.. that guy is such a Waddere"
3. "Man.. can't he get any.. he's a Waddere!!"
by pat July 6, 2004
Australian for 'This Afternoon'.
English man: `care for some crumpets and tea this afternoon, Henry?'

Australian man: `Nah mate I gotta go down to the shops and pick up some XXXX for Brian's barbie the sarvo.'
by pat March 4, 2005
A joke to get someone to say "what?", followed by the phrase "got him". This confuses the person very much especially if they do not know of Reyonce.
You: "You got Reyonce?"
Friend: "What?"
You: Got Him
by pat June 20, 2006
I'm a raceist and use the word "nigs" to decribe black people in a derogatory manor.
by pat January 23, 2005
The best band in the world---the one from buffalo MN
Pat, Smude, Barry, Reese, Jared, and Ryan, are in Toasterhead
by pat December 30, 2004