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A Jewish boy's ridiculously large, circumsized penis. It must be wrapped around the leg several times to fit in a pair of jeans.
If you don't wrap up your basilisk, it will get stepped on.
by Wes-Dizzle December 06, 2010
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Often incorrectly thought of as a snake reaching over 100 metres in length that can kill with a look, from the Harry Potter series of books.
The basilisk is actually a 5 centimetre half-cockerel half-snake. It is hatched from a cockerel's egg (not a hen's; a cockerel's) by a toad. It can turn anything living into stone by glancing at it.
Mythologically, it was killed by forcing it to look into a mirror.
Hey look! A basili-
by LM June 02, 2004
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Noun, A girl who loves anal sex; a woman who lets you put your giant sake in her "chamber of secrets"
The Basilisk let me release my population paste into her chamber of secrets last night.
by mingus6912 January 02, 2009
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A 100 ft tall chicken-snake that shoots cancerbeams from its eyes (causing extreme tumorous death). It also reserves the ability to rig government elections if it so chooses.
by Kjolig April 21, 2005
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1. A mythotical serpent that could bring death with a breath or a glance. Its hissing could drive all other serpents away.

2. Any of the various tropical lizards characterized with a crest on the head, back, tail, and the ability to run on the hind legs.

3. A form of the serpentine, a gunpowder siege engine/canon.

4. Any ATV, Jet ski, or single person vehicle converted to war use and usually equipped with guns.
The basilisk supposovly killed our explorers with a glance.

The basilisk type lizards can run short distances on their hind legs.

The basilisk inflicted heavy damage on the city's walls.

The war basilisks were piloted by skilled soldiers and quickly overcame all of the outer defences.
by konrad August 21, 2003
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a huge dump that a person doesn't flush, that reaches it's way out of the toilet bowl water
"HOLY CRAP! did you guys see that basilisk in the john?"
by The Pappas November 29, 2005
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A catch all term, like 'cougar', for a particular kind of person. A 'Basilisk' is a goblinesque, tetchy, uncompromising, spiny rage-ball of either sex with an evil stare, diehard liberal principles and a marked loathing for popular culture and it's adherents - often encountered in indie bars where they are drawn like angry moths to the fairy lights and the sound of Amanda Palmer.
1: Check out that kooky chick in the dark corner, is she giving me the eye?

2: Yeah, the evil eye - it's a Basilisk! Run for your life or she might turn you to stone or give you a pamphlet about fracking, and don't wear that ironic slogan t-shirt out again, okay? It's like a red rag to these people.
by leagueofwaywardgentlemen July 31, 2013
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